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Not a Cure for a Hangover

Well we are coming into winter time and the holidays.  One thing that can end up leading to is people drinking more than they should.  So the first piece of advice is don’t drink too much over the holidays.  But with people relaxing and enjoying themselves with friends and family this is a very common […]

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What People are Saying about the November Medical Monograph

Hi Paul – what a wonderful “C” report worthy of an A+++  Ken says you must be the Lord Nelson of of the 21st century!  I was particularly taken with

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Book Review: The World According To Monsanto

by Marie-Monique Robin I have said on this site previously that I don’t do politics and I don’t do peoples motivations – at least as much as possible.  I have good reasons for this, for one the science is enough of a topic unto itself.  Secondly, I am not a politician or a psychiatrist.  Thirdly, […]

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