Anxiety disorder can be used to refer to a condition where feels nervous which may arise suddenly or even after a long period. It can also mean pathological fears and even phobias. On the other hand, Bipolar Disorder which is also referred to as manic depression is a psychological disorder that renders the person to have extreme mood shifts that usually affects their day to day tasks. Bipolar disorder symptoms usually focus on mood and behavioral changes. There are two categories of bipolar disorder symptoms that make the person feel extreme emotional state also known as “mood episode” – manic episode and depressive episode. According to National Institute of Mental Health, a Manic episode is a bipolar symptom that occurs on a distinct period when the person feels overly joyful and “high,” it usually manifests for a few days or longer. When looking at the two conditions, let’s start with anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Disorder
How to Handle Anxiety Disorder
But there are cases of anxiety orders, which can get out of hand when not treated as soon as possible. If it is ignored, it will only make the matter worse.
Anxiety disorders occur alongside substance or alcohol abuse. It masks the anxiety symptoms. Sometimes, it even makes the situation worse. There are cases when the illness has to be treated with before the individual can respond to the anxiety disorder treatment. This is where drug rehab  becomes more important than the treatment for the anxiety.
There are various therapies out there that are effective in treating anxiety disorders. More and more researchers are also uncovering treatments that can assist people suffering from the illness.

When suffering from any anxiety disorder, it is best that you ask your physician about it and the best treatment you can go through.

Is it Anxiety Disorder?
Then again, how do you know whether this is already a disorder or you’re merely anxious? Almost everyone is anxious at times. We face challenges on a daily basis from workplace pressures like demanding schedules or school concerns like exams can already result in worry and fear.

However, people who have the anxiety disorder are those who intently acknowledge this fear and are subject to prolonged and intense feelings of distress and fight for no apparent reason. This condition can even turn their life into something uneasy and fearful, thereby interfering with their relationships with people close to family members.

The Problem and the Solution
Out of all the mental health problems, anxiety disorders are so common. It is said that around 1 out of 10 people are suffering from it. It is more prevalent with women than with men and can affect both children and adults.

If you have the anxiety disorder or you know someone who does, visit your physician. He or she can easily determine whether the symptoms you have are from the anxiety disorder, a mental condition or even both. The next step is to get treatment.

Don`t be afraid to ask for assistance psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and psychologists. It is also best that you look for a professional that has specialized training in behavioral therapy or cognitive-behavior. Make sure that he or she is also open to using medications when the situation calls for it.

Bipolar Disorder
As mentioned earlier, a depressive episode is a kind of bipolar symptom when the person feels utterly hopeless and sad, usually accompanied by a cloud of confusion that also lasts for weeks. Together with this mood episode, behavioral changes are also eminent, people in their manic episode is agitated, jumpy, impulsive and irritable. They are restless. On the other hand, people in their depressive episode frequently feels confusion and ponders death and suicide. They have a hard time concentrating and only focuses on the bad side of every situation. It is likely that individuals with bipolar disorder to experience this mood change in the unstable period of times, symptoms are sometimes severe that they are incapable of functioning in work and school; and it can also damage relationships.

This illness manifests for a lifetime, though it can be controlled. It is a lifelong illness that needs lifelong treatment. It will worsen over time when not treated seriously. With proper treatment and diagnosis, it can lead the person to have a normal, healthy and productive life.

This condition, also known as manic depressive illness, is an illness which has the significant impact on the sufferer and their families. Bipolar disorder usually strikes before the age of 35, frequently in the late teens and early 20s. or experience rage.

There might be a misdiagnosis that often occurs because patients may spend more time in the depressive stage than in the manic stage. Although it can be difficult to diagnose accurately, the condition is said by authorities to be treatable.

If you have been on medication for anxiety disorder, do not quit the drugs abruptly. You have to taper the dosage under the guiding eyes of a physician you trust. For the bipolar disorder, the proper treatment plan is to take medication and engage in psychotherapy. There is still hope all it needs is the correct treatment and the unfailing support of their loved ones.

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