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Sodium Bicarbonate: The Past Month’s Research

A short while back we took a look at the recent evidence finding sodium bicarbonate to be extremely useful in chronic kidney disease.  Also, after that, I bit off a bit more than I could chew by trying to look quickly at the past years research on vitamin C.  So I thought, why not just […]

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Sodium Bicarbonate and Kidney Disease

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a little while got my mind occupied with a different project for a little while.  Also on a quick book keeping note, I decided to shorten the name of the blog to the more simple “The Health Journal Club.”  I’ve viewed the word “skeptic” as generally referring […]

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Brushing Your Teeth, Sodium Bicarbonate and Kidney Disease

A few months back I did a post about inexpensive or free ways to improve your health.  I intended for it to turn into a series of posts but, until now, got away from the topic.  I’ll add one more though here, “Brush your teeth with baking soda.”  There are a number of reasons I’ve […]

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