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Written By: admin - Nov• 22•11

The side effects of statins on memory are beginning to be written up in the mainstream media.

The Telegraph:  Wonder drug that stole my memory,

When I read many of the comments on this story I also find myself wondering, should a first hand patient report of disease be considered more or less authoritative than a second hand write-up by a physician in the peer-reviewed literature?

Scientific American:  It’s Not Dementia, It’s Your Heart Medication: Cholesterol Drugs and Memory FDA, TEXAS MEDICAL BOARD FIGHTS TO KILL CANCER CURE

Interesting article, I’ll give a brief bottom line on this as I see it.  Dr. Burzynski is an MD/PhD who graduated first in his class in medical school in Poland.  The laboratory analysis of the composition of blood and urine is at the heart of modern diagnostic medicine.  Decades ago Dr. Burzynski noticed something that hadn’t been discovered prior to this.  The profile of various small peptide molecules in the blood and urine is different between healthy and cancerous patients.  Further research indicated that this class of small peptides was involved in the epigenetics of cancer, i.e. played a role in the turning on and off of the expression of various genes that were being aberrantly expressed in cancer.  From here he developed a treatment based on “neoplastins” to replace the missing small peptides in cancer patients and restore their gene expression to normal.  That therapy is in phase III trials.  He also by using this new analysis of blood and urine has been able to more clearly define the genetics of any particular cancer, allowing for individualized treatments with often off labels use of conventionally approved drugs.  His approach to cancer treatment has shown great success.  If you visit his website you can see the testimonies of individuals cured of glioma (aggressive brain tumor).  Glioma, under standard care is basically a death sentence.

For his fundamentally advancing the understanding of cancer, opening up a new realm of laboratory diagnosis and showing great clinical success in treating cancer patients, what has been his reward?  Well, the state of Texas spent a decade trying to take away his medical license.  When this was finally definitively defeated  in court, they just recently brought a new complaint against him and are at it once again.  Really makes you wonder if some people genuinely don’t wish to see cancer cured. Anyway interesting article.


Along these line’s I have noticed that Dr. Ron Paul’s proposed budget slashes funding for the FDA by 40% and for HHS overall by 20%.

RON PAUL’S BUDGET PROPOSAL:  Oh sure it sooounnds great, but who is going to raid the Amish farmers at 4:00 A.M. if the FDA doesn’t do it, Who Ron, Who!

Alright I got rid of my TV, I guess over a year ago now, but while entirely off topic I do recall this was a pretty good political documentary that in my view sums up our current situation pretty well.

Ciao, Paul

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