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Written By: admin - Oct• 28•11

On a book keeping note, still have a fair amount of design work to do on the new site though I finished the blog roll so feel free to take a look, and please let me know if I missed any.  Up next, another go at improving the look of, and getting the correct, social media buttons.

Want to have a periodic health news bit, but not sure exactly how to do it.  I could just run a couple headlines in the side bar, have a separate tabbed page or a periodic front page post.  For now I’ll run it as a post on the front page and then keep the most recent few posts on the separate page as well.  I don’t know why this all get’s so complicated.

I have what seems like 100s of book marks of health related things I found interesting, or thought would be interesting but didn’t have time to read at the time, and I am trying to clean up all my bookmarks and e-mails to be sure I am keeping track of the new site, feels sort of like trying to clean a messy desk.  So I thought I would just start to share a lot of these things I have bookmarked, as it is too much to write articles on them all, then I can delete the book marks.  I have no idea why I am telling you readers all this, sort of like a very boring stream of consciousness intro ;-)  Anyways, there will be some recent and not so recent health news from things I’ve bookmarked, as well as recent health news that will be culled just from health related blogs of readers of this site.  Quite honestly I could probably spend all my time just reading the health news of bloggers I’ve “met” though this site, lots of good stuff.  Okay, enough.


This first one relates back to a post I did on the finding by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp that DNA emits coherent photons of light, see What really is DNA: Part II.  Not pretending to have this all figured out, this is just another example that no we really haven’t solved all scientific problems, far from it.

The DNA Mystery: Scientists Stumped By “Telepathic” Abilities

“DNA has been found to have a bizarre ability to put itself together, even at a distance, when according to known science it shouldn’t be able to. Explanation: None, at least not yet.”


In the yes they are trying to kill us all file.

HcG Vaccine for Population Control

Same topic, heart-wrenching if valid, equally disturbing and a bit more in depth.  Will see if I am able to dig out exactly what the source documents say some day.  Just sort of hard to believe.

Bad Blood? The Possibility of a Tainted Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine in the Philippines


A last disturbing irony on this, it was the attempt by genetic engineers to create a live virus mouse contraceptive vaccine that led to the accidental creation of what I termed the Armageddon Bug.  No need to worry about “population control” if a human version of something like that got on the loose.


Here are a few recent health headlines that some readers of this site have posted on their blogs.

Via Health Supreme‘s excellent weekly health news round-up

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  1. admin says:

    Yes, it is just the sheer condescending arrogance in that video that I thought note worthy, even the newscasters seemed surprised. As for plugging your website, hey I think maybe half of my “second” medical education has come from people who have found my site, so glad to spread the word. Maybe someday you will teach me a little bit about herbs.